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Drone plugin for sending messages to Jabber accounts, using sendxmpp



you obviously need a valid jabber account to send messages, this can be your own account or a dedicated one just for your drone notifications.

standalone using docker

docker run
  -e PLUGIN_USERNAME=someaccount
	-e PLUGIN_JSERVER=jabberserver.invalid
	-e SENDXMPP_PASSWORD=secret1234
	-e PLUGIN_RECIPIENT=someone@jabberserver.invalid

drone pipeline

    image: bunix42/drone-sendxmpp
    pull: true
    recipient: someone@jabberserver.invalid
    jserver: jabberserver.invalid
    secrets: [ sendxmpp_username, sendxmpp_password ]

secret reference

  • sendxmpp_username username without domain part used for authentication
  • sendxmpp_password password used for authentication

parameter reference

  • recipient jabber id of the account to receive the message
  • jserver jabberserver of the sending account
  • username username to use for authentication (better use drone secrets)
  • password password to use for authentication (better use drone secrets)


  • support for self-signed certificate authorities and common ca's (currently tls validation is disabled)
  • support for sending messages to chat rooms instead of single users
  • customizable message template (currently its only repo:tag/branch:status:link)